General Billing Information / Sewer Use Rates

Please remember that conserving water will help to reduce your sewer use bill.

  1. Properties with Town Water
  2. Properties with Well Water

Properties that are connected to Town water are billed for sewer use based on water consumption. Water usage is provided to us from the appropriate water district:

  • Aquarion Water Company
  • Auburn Water District
  • City of Worcester
  • Elm Hill Water District

The rates for sewer use are set annually by the Board of Sewer Commissioners. The major factor that affects the sewer rate is the assessment to the Town by the Upper Blackstone Clean Water facility (UBCW). This is the amount that the Town of Auburn has to pay for the treatment of the sewerage transported to the UBWPAD, as well as the Town’s share of upgrades to the treatment plant which are mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).


The fiscal year 2023 sewer rates are included in the link below: