Membership information and forms can be downloaded (PDF) and sent via United States Postal Service (USPS) to:
Karen Carlson
Auburn Historical Museum
41 S Street
Auburn, MA 01501

Donations are always appreciated in any denomination. If you would like to write an article for the newsletter or website please contact the Historical Museum.

History Within Our Community - Getting Involved

Preserving the history of Auburn is very important. People need to know where their community came from, how it was formed and who was involved. Educating the people about their history is also very important. We need people to help us preserve and educate. We have so many wonderful letters, pictures and stories that are hidden away because we don’t have the staff to organize them and set up displays. Preparing a display to bring some element of Auburn’s past is a very rewarding activity.

Watching someone look at your display and discover a grandparent, aunt, uncle or other relative is so wonderful. Seeing a child experience an adding machine or a typewriter for the first time is a lot of fun. Sharing high school memories with a 50th class reunion is incredibly rewarding.

Your own family history could be very valuable for the museum, come in and share it with us. We’re trying to record family histories for future generations, but we haven’t got the staff to keep up with the number of people who have stories. Give us a hand in preserving the memories of generations that are fast disappearing.

School Required Community Service

Come to the museum and help us with the files, picture preservation, interview transfers and other activities. Do something that will make a difference next year, and all the years afterwards. Help us spread the word about the museum, get your child’s class to come visit us. We’ll design a tour to go along with whatever history they are learning. We have artifacts and stories from Colonial times, Civil War and both World Wars. 

Currently, we are setting up a Vintage Children’s Exhibit. Come see 100 year old ice skates and sleds. Let your kids see what their grandparents played with and what activities were available to past generations.

Our museum is a lively place full of great stories and interesting things to see (and some are touchable). Come on in to visit, come on in and join us in our mission to preserve history and educate the people!