Dog Park

The Auburn Dog Park is located in Lower Lemansky Park (accessible via Brayman Street), adjacent to the walking track.  The park consists of two fenced in areas, one for big dogs over 25 pounds and one for small dogs under 25 pounds. Additional amenities include a shade pavilion, benches for owners, water fountains, and waste receptacles.

The park is open from dawn until dusk unless closed for weather conditions or maintenance. We ask for your assistance in being respectful and courteous to your fellow patrons and pooches, including keeping dogs out of nearby playground areas and immediately picking up pet waste.  

All park patrons must be in compliance with the Town of Auburn bylaws for care and control of dogs, as well as the park's rules & regulations.

If you have any comments or would like to report a non-emergency issue at the Dog Park, please use the following link to access a reporting form: Dog Park Complaint and Incident Reporting Form. In the event of an emergency, call 911.


Rules & Regulations


  • MUST be leashed upon entering and exiting the park
  • MUST be legally licensed and wearing license tag at all times
  • MUST be up to date on rabies vaccination
  • MUST be at least six (6) months old
  • MUST NOT be aggressive. Dogs must be removed by their owner or handler at the first sign of aggression to other dogs or humans
  • MUST NOT be in heat. Closely monitor any un-neutered male dogs
  • MUST NOT be wearing prong or pinch collars, spiked collars, or choke chains
  • MUST wear a collar or harness at all times


  • MUST be 18 years of age or older
  • MUST NOT bring more than two (2) dogs into the park at one time
  • MUST NOT leave a dog unattended in the park at any time
  • MUST NOT bring any children under the age of 10 years old into the park
  • MUST supervise their children between the ages of 10 and 17 years old at all times
  • MUST clean up after their dog immediately
  • MUST fill in holes dug by dogs prior to leaving
  • MUST NOT bring dog treats or toys into the park
  • MUST NOT smoke or bring glass containers or food of any kind into the park

Violators may be subject to removal and/or exclusion from the park.

Owners and handlers are responsible for all actions of their dogs, including any injuries or damages they may cause. If a dog fight occurs, exchange contact information and leave the park.

The park is made available in accordance with laws governing recreational use (MGL Chapter 21 Section 17c). The Town of Auburn assumes no responsibility for injury or damage resulting from use of the facility