Sewer Connection Permits and Fees

License and Permit Fees

The Sewer Division shall post a revised schedule of permit fees annually, which shall become effective January 1st of each year and remain in effect for all permits or licenses that are applied for within that calendar year:

Schedule of Sewer Permit fees for 2023
Schedule of Sewer Permit Fees for 2024
Permits and Fees


It is not mandatory to connect to the sewer system if it is available to you. You may need to connect if your septic system does not pass the Title V inspection process. 

If you wish to connect to the Town’s sewer system, the connection must be done by a drainlayer that is licensed in the Town of Auburn. You may pick up the list of licensed drainlayers at the Sewer Division office or download the list from this site. It is recommended that you obtain quotes from at least three of the drainlayers to get an estimated cost of the sewer connection. The drainlayer will obtain the sewer connection permit from the Sewer Department. 

A new connection requires payment of a sewer connection fee to the Town of Auburn. Current fees are available on the Sewer Division homepage. Separate fees apply for residential and commercial buildings. Residential fees are based on the number of bedrooms. Commercial fees are based on the size and used of the building being connected. 


  • Permits will only be issued to drainlayers that are licensed in the Town of Auburn that have provided up-to-date insurance and bond information.
  • The permit must be completed in full, with all required signatures, including the signature of the licensed drainlayer.
  • The permit must be returned by the drainlayer to the Sewer Division office as soon as possible after the final inspection, complete with accurate as-built plans showing the location and measurements of the new sewer connection.
  • The permit must be kept on site at all times.
  • Sewer connection fees must be paid at the time the permit is issued.
  • Two inspections are allowed for the permit fee.